Meet the Team

Dan Palmer

Designated Safeguarding Lead

I have grown up from a farming family and got involved in youth work at 15 as a senior member at Martock Youth Centre. My youth worker convinced me to move into a career! I have also worked as a security system engineer. I have a passion for music, playing drums and percussion with interests also being in the country.

Richard Harris

Youth Worker

My journey began in youth work in my early teens as a senior member helping at my local club, from there I have trained and practised youth work for many years sharing in journeys with young people. This is something I have considered a privilege to do and continue to in my future engagement with young people.

Steve Isaacs

Senior Youth Worker
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

At REACH I am able to share some incredible moments with students. I also work alongside a fantastic team dedicated to supporting young people.

Kirk Brownhill

Senior Youth Worker
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

I was given the opportunity to join the REACH team in 2016, it has been a great journey. I have had the privilege to work with fantastically talented students in a framework which allows us to best support them to achieve their aspirations. Laying these building blocks to provide young people with the tools to overcome any future challenge.

Lucy Coombes

Youth Worker

I am passionate about supporting every young person with the opportunities to flourish and achieve, and I enjoy helping to create this positive environment at Reach. 

Kelly Andrews

Ks2 Lead / Youth Worker
KS2 Lead

Hey, I’m Kelly. I am passionate about what we do at REACH, sharing journeys with young people and I enjoy getting involved in all the activities, whether they are physically or mentally challenging.

Zara Coulson

Senior Youth Worker
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

I am an experienced, fully qualified JNC Youth Worker who brings energy and passion to our team. In my downtime I enjoy yoga and spending quality time with my family & friends

Heidi Killeen

Youth Worker

I am currently volunteering with REACH to pursue my ambition of Youth Work. The opportunities given to staff and students are outstanding. Everyone at REACH has a positive influence on young people and are always willing to support when possible. I am glad to be called part of the REACH team.

Craig Church

Youth Worker

I’m a young man who is an example of the good things that happen at REACH, first being involved as a student and have recently started training to be a youth worker. Outside of working for REACH I enjoy playing all kinds of sports, football, badminton, darts and I’m working towards going to University to become a teacher.

Jonathan Quinn

Youth Worker

Lindsey Tailby

Youth Worker

Victoria O’Donnell

Youth Worker


Charlotte Shervington-Grenardo

Youth Worker

Mitchell Cawte

Youth Worker

Philip Saunders

Youth Worker

Kirsty Brown

Youth Worker

Paige Bowles

Youth Worker

Kade Masters

Youth Worker

Kerry Thompson

Youth Worker

Joe Snowdon

Youth Worker

Harry Serle

Youth Worker

Daisy John

Youth Worker

Duncan McCabe

Youth Worker

Millie Autumn

Youth Work Assistant

Sarah Herd

Youth Worker Assistant

Jack Woodrow

Youth Work Assistant

Phil Roswell

Team Assistant

Harry Meaden

Youth Work Assistant

Lucy Roberts


Kerry Roberts

Office Manager

Dolly The Cat

Rachel Wynn

Human Resource Consultant


Julia Severn

Psychology Consultant

 Atlas Safety Management Ltd

Health & Safety Consultant

Cloverleaf Motor Group

Fleet Car Management

v16 Studios

Website Management

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Martock, Somerset, TA12 6WN
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