Core Offer

At its core, REACH strives to ensure that everyone who is associated with us develops a strong sense of connection in which they feel safe and supported to create the opportunity for engagement and growth.


REACH is committed to providing high quality, needs led, Alternative Education Provision to Schools and Services, across the South West of England.

The core purpose is to create safe connections and environments that promote development.

Referrals are delivered through a commissioning model. All students will be accepted for Ks2 – Ks5, normally for 1 day per week of school education hours, but to a maximum of 12hrs per week. All work counts as statutory education hours and is written up and uploaded onto a portal for school monitoring and access.

Sessions are either delivered one to one or in small groups. This is led by strong, passionate and committed Youth Workers. Programmes aim to develop a wide range of skills for students with a focus on social and emotional development. Having fun, exploration, feeling safe and supported are at the core of the work.

Staff use the whole of the South West to delivery the programme through activity and life skills. Safeguarding is fully embedded through the service with a strong ethos of developing resilience and supporting next steps for all students.

Schools and Agencies can expect;

  • A professional service that is responsive and relevant to the needs of local schools
  • A strong leadership team (SLT) that is brave, clear, creative and able to the lead the service and staff team. Line management and supervision, CPD, quality assurance and oversight on all areas of the service
  • Safeguarding embedded throughout the service with alignment and compliance to Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019, Local Authority Safeguarding (inc LADO) procedures & qualified, appointed Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL’s)
  • Policies and procedures that cover all aspects of the service that protect staff and students and give a clear working framework. Annual review of all policies
  • Safer recruitment processes that match the Local Authority. 2 trained SLT members that are responsible for all staff recruitment and managing the single central register
  • Strong communication at all levels from front line staff, the duty desk and the SLT
  • Simple referral procedures without waiting lists and without threshold criteria
  • Partnership working and input at multiagency levels. Representation and voice to ensure feedback and input on the work completed. Strong input on safeguarding
  • Safe handling of confidential data at all levels. Appointed information controller (in relation to GDPR) and registration with the Information Commissioner
  • A needs led & reflective provision that focusses on the social and emotional development of students. Keys skills such as confidence building, working with others, meeting new people and trying new things, engagement in education & building of resilience
  • A live, responsive duty desk that is led by the DSL team and communicating all attendance and safeguarding to schools. Also, as a 1 point of contact for all schools, agencies and families.
  • Senior Workers who will complete all new referrals & inductions. Also, who will represent at review meetings / LAC meetings / Safeguarding meetings.
  • A working partnership agreement that details contract terms of both parties
  • A supportive and responsive admin and finance team
  • Value for money service
  • A clear, fair and responsive complaints process should the need arise.


Students & Young People can expect;

  • A warm, caring and welcoming environment within all Reach settings
  • A safe place to share thoughts, feelings and have opinions heard
  • Committed youth workers that are kind, reliable, supportive, who are reflective, present and focussed on building trusting relationships with students
  • A balance of fun, learning and support from the service
  • An induction to REACH which details how things work, the purpose of the placement, understanding of safety and safeguarding and who to raise any concerns with
  • Communication from REACH with their family or carers
  • Written daily reports to the school on the session and the learning taking place
  • Access to Senior Youth Workers, Safeguarding Leads and the Director as required
  • To take part in one to one or group sessions with a development programme in consultation with students. To understand their budget. To have access to a building and REACH resources
  • To share a daily outline of the purpose of each session and time to reflect on this at the end of every session
  • To access new places and try new things. To raise aspirations and have shared experiences
  • To receive help on any matter that affects or could affect their lives
  • To receive food and drink as part of the sessions
  • Travel in staff cars which are safe and where staff have received extra driver training. To have access to emergency procedures and emergency equipment if required
  • To be helped to understand if they have got something wrong (including if the law has been broken) and what legal duty REACH must carry out to report any matters. This includes to emergency services, safeguarding teams, schools and families or carers
  • To receive a positive closure and support with transition to any next steps. To be given time to reflect on the experience and learning and be able to give any feedback to REACH staff and know this will be heard
  • To have informal free access to REACH after leaving school to prevent NEET and ensure support can be sought where required.

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