The Horizon Centre has worked in partnership with Reach Youth since January 2010, and with Dan Palmer for a number of years.

All our young people have an opportunity to engage in the opportunities offered by Reach Youth, in small groups on a half-termly basis.  To date, all have chosen to do this, and all have requested further provision and additional sessions.

Reach Youth successfully negotiate all activities directly with the young people themselves, in agreement with the centre, and all programmes are therefore tailor-made to suit individual needs and interests.  The young people like being able to choose the focus of their own sessions, and thus take a real ownership for their own learning and outcomes.

Reach Youth are able to offer intensive small group work that supports and builds on our own ethos and focuses on the social, emotional and behavioral development of our students.

This form of provision enables us to further meet the  Five Outcomes of Every Child Matters, with its emphasis on participation, making a positive contribution, enjoying and achieving, and developing personal and social skills necessary for the post-16 world.

There is a real emphasis on personal challenge, often through outdoor pursuits, and each session works towards raising students’ self-esteem and confidence, enabling all to maximise their potential and experience success.

Reach Youth, in liaison with the centre, are accrediting an increasing number of their activities through the AQA Unit Award Scheme, so that the students get the benefit of certification for their efforts and success, and this contributes to their National Record of Achievement.  Reach Youth also reward students with their own in-house certificates and have previously given these, accompanied by speeches, at our Annual Awards Evening.

The centre receives formal written feedback promptly.  The feedback links to ECM and it is clear, well-presented and informative, often accompanied by photographs that are used to build portfolios for the students and the centre.

Reach Youth also take an active role in the wider work of the centre, attending Team Brief, Consultation Meetings and individual meetings for students, as and when appropriate. They have also assisted with home visits and 1:1 work to engage our young people.

The Horizon Centre’s work with Reach Youth and its success to date, as evidenced by the students themselves – formally and informally – is an outstanding example of effective partnership working, to secure better outcomes for young people.