The Tone Education Centre runs an education provision providing individual tailor-made timetables for young people, including college links, vocational training links, work experience, forest school and curriculum based education. Local gyms are used to deliver fitness, as well outdoor based activities. We work closely with outside agencies and parents/carers, meeting the needs of each and every individual.

Our provision caters for boys and girls mostly from Key Stage 4 who for one reason or another cannot sustain a placement in mainstream school and or alternative education placements within Somerset. In addition to meeting the young people’s educational needs, the centre also supplies support for their emotional, social and behavioural needs. Where staffs are not trained in a specific need, training will be sought to ensure that every young person can be included in the provision.
Our main aim is inclusion for all the young people we work with.

I have been working closely with Dan Palmer for nine years now, during this time Dan has always been supportive of our young adults and given further support and guidance if needed.

Dan has always welcomed our young adults no matter what background or difficulties they may have. He supports them by raising their self esteem and confidence which then is bought back into the classroom enabling them to become more confident learners. He is non judgemental and offers emotional and behavioural support alongside

Dan is consistent and supportive to both staff and young adults; he is fully aware of the individual needs and takes time to ensure all relevant paperwork H&S is addressed.He is always looking for a way forward to enable the young person and staff at The Reach Project to continue the work in a positive, safe and happy environment. All our young adults enjoy going to The Reach project, they fell safe to take on new challenges and are happy to talk to Dan regarding any concerns or issues they may have.