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Dan Palmer

Director / Designated Safeguarding Lead / Health & Safety Lead

I have grown up from a farming family and got involved in youth work at 15 as a senior member at Martock Youth Centre. My youth worker convinced me to move into a career! I have also worked as a security system engineer. I have a passion for music, playing drums and percussion with interests also being in the country.


Richard Harris

Senior Worker / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Duty Desk Lead

My journey began in youth work in my early teens as a senior member helping at my local club, from there I have trained and practised youth work for many years sharing in journeys with young people. This is something I have considered a privilege to do and continue to in my future engagement with young people.


Steve Isaacs

Senior Youth Worker
Deputy Safeguarding Lead / Leadership Team / Operations Lead

At REACH I am able to share some incredible moments with students. I also work alongside a fantastic team dedicated to supporting young people.

Evening Youth Worker
Evening Youth Worker

Suzanne Simmonds

Youth Worker

Nick MacBean

Senior Youth Worker / SEMH Lead / Leadership Team / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Multi Agency Working Lead

Lucy Coombes

 Youth Worker

I am passionate about supporting every young person with the opportunities to flourish and achieve, and I enjoy helping to create this positive environment at Reach. 

Kelly Andrews

Senior Youth Worker / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / New referrals Lead

I have grown up in a large family who have always enjoyed being outside, mostly playing football with the odd bit of gardening! My journey began at REACH over 4 years ago. From there I have learnt a lot through courses, youth work practice and the young people. I enjoy being part of a young person’s incredible journey, being there to support them when they need it and encourage them to carry on! Throughout these years I have seen REACH grow, we now provide a Key stage 2 service that I lead. I enjoy working with the younger students providing them with playful activities out of school to support their wellbeing and learning in an alternative way.

Kate Hooker

Senior Youth Worker / Leadership Team

There is something special about Reach that I connect with and I love being part of it. I full heartedly believe in what Reach is about and how it goes about supporting and fighting for students that need it. I love it that every child is welcome, and no one is ever turned away or asked to leave. The students I meet in this role amaze me, surprise me and remind me why I do this and what is important about being human.

Heidi Killeen

Youth Worker

I am currently volunteering with REACH to pursue my ambition of Youth Work. The opportunities given to staff and students are outstanding. Everyone at REACH has a positive influence on young people and are always willing to support when possible. I am glad to be called part of the REACH team.

Craig Church

Youth Worker

Outside of REACH my interests revolve around sports and DIY projects. As an previous student at REACH I can relate to the amazing journeys we go through with our young people and I’m passionate about the support we give. I’m very pleased to be part of the REACH team.

Jonathan Quinn

Youth Worker

I have been working at REACH for three years now. The aspect of opening new doors and discoveries for the young people, creating access to new worlds and possibilities for them is what excites me the most. Outside of work I enjoy riding my motorbike and being creative in the garage.

Victoria O’Donnell

Youth Worker


Kirsty Brown

Youth Worker

I started Reach as an assistant youth worker. During my time spent working at Reach, I have learnt, and continue to learn so much from the other staff members, and every student who walks through the door.

I’ve worked in different care settings since I was 18 and becoming a youth worker is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Joe Snowdon

Youth Worker

I have been working with young people since 2012, and in that time I have worked in numerous educational settings and become a qualified youth worker. I have found that all young people need the time and space in a safe environment to develop into who they are, and I am so grateful that I can carry on this vital work with REACH.

Kade Masters

Youth Worker

Having worked with young people in both sport and as a youth worker for many years, I have found my work to be very rewarding. This has further motivated me to help young people in need and drive them to maximise their potential with REACH!

Harry Serle

Youth Worker
A reflective philosophy submerged within the concept of a person-centred approach has facilitated my passion for encouraging the holistic development of young people. Through a range of mediums i aim to inspire and promote self-worth among all individuals regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, disabilities or socio-economic background. Enhancing the lives of future generations, supportive staff and promoting the importance of a complete state of mental, physical and social well-being are just a few of the reasons I enjoy my work here at REACH.

Duncan McCabe

Youth Worker

Hey, I’m Duncan. I was given the opportunity to work at Reach in December 2019 and have loved every moment of it, working with so many different young people and sharing there journeys with them along side a great team!! Outside of Reach I spend most of my time playing or watching football.

Paige Bowles

Youth Worker

My journey first began when I was once a REACH student myself, receiving the best caring support I could possibly get from Dan himself and the other team members. I have recently come back to fulfil my dream in becoming a youth worker. I would love nothing more but to support and help students flourish, achieve and most importantly, to believe in themselves as I truly believe anything is possible. I feel privileged to be a part of the REACH team and to be delivering the best possible outcome for our students.

Lisa Tailby-min - Copy

Lisa Tailby

Youth Worker

Mitchell Cawte

Youth Worker

Hi, I’m Mitchell, I come from a play work background and enjoy bringing my experiences in play to my youth work. I am proud to be a part of such a passionate and diverse team at Reach. In my downtime time I enjoy falling over at the skatepark on my skates.

Nathan - Copy-min

Nathan Smeeton

Youth Worker

Charlotte Abrams

Youth Worker

 I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity with such a great organisation. The team at Reach are all really supportive and have made me feel very welcome since joining in 2020. I hope to grow and learn with Reach.

Millie Channer

Youth Worker

Hey, my name is Millie. I grew up in Somerset and spent a lot of my time in the outdoors. I still enjoy this now so spend most of my time riding and looking after horses, going on bike rides, meditating, travelling and exploring.


My journey with Reach started when I was seventeen. I started volunteering at the youth-club which was how I discovered my passion for youth work. Every day I am blessed with opportunities to create safe connections with young people and families who I learn so much from. Building relationships with students and watching them grow and develop is such an incredible experience and I am truly grateful for this.


Additionally, we have such a fantastic, diverse team and I am so appreciative to be a part of it.

Nick Oke.web

Nick Oke

Youth Worker


Ellie Ogg

Senior Youth Worker / Reach 6th Lead / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Kirsten Lacey

Youth Worker


Abbie Berritt

Youth Worker

Callan Lowden

Youth Worker

Adam Barratt

Youth Worker

Phil Rowswell

Team Assistant

Madi McConville

Business Administration Apprentice

I started here at the beginning of September and already feel comfortable around everyone I work with. The kindness and jovial atmosphere is reassuring. I understand how the experiences they offer here at REACH are fundamental to the development of young people. I feel privileged to be a part of such a kind working environment and I look forward to growing and furthering my business knowledge while I am here.  

Seb Howard

Catering & Hospitality Apprentice

I joined REACH to expand my cooking knowledge and experience alongside an apprenticeship at Strode College. No one day here is ever the same, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the young people here. One day I hope to combine my cooking interests with youth work; an ambition I would unlikely have had if it wasn’t for my time at REACH.  

Harry Meaden

Business & Admin Lead / Leadership Team

I spent last year travelling Australia and Vietnam, managing to get back just in time to get the job with REACH before Covid struck. It’s been a thoroughly rewarding experience watching how the work we do translates to positive changes in young people’s lives. REACH is at a very exciting point in its development, and I’m looking forward to growing alongside the company. Outside of work, I enjoy a round of golf and session in the cricket nets.


Fiona Purefoy

Volunteer Youth Worker
Kelly Cridlind-min

Kelly Cridland

Youth Worker


Rhiannon Kershaw-min - Copy

Rhiannon Kershaw

Youth Worker
Amber Channer-min.crop

Amber Channer

Youth Worker
Matt S-min

Matt Symes

Youth Worker


Bonnie-min (1)

Bonnie Griffiths

 Volunteer Youth Worker
Laura Cleaner



Jade Waller

Youth Worker



Simon Howard

Josh G-min (1)

Josh Garrett

Evening Youth Worker






Rachel Wynn

Human Resource Consultant

Julia Severn

Psychology Consultant

 Atlas Safety Management Ltd

Health & Safety Consultant

Cloverleaf Motor Group

Fleet Car Management

v16 Studios

Website Management

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