Our Core Offer


REACH is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive, alternative education provision for students across the South West.

We have a qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic staff team that strive to provide a caring and safe environment for our students.

Schools and agencies can expect:

  • A therapeutic approach that aims to help address gaps in childhood play learning & development
  • Professional motivated staff who strive to deliver the very best
  • Value for money quality programmes tailored to individual and group  needs
  • Group provisions that focus on self-confidence, engagement in education, attendance, motivation, social interaction and resilience through activity, life skills, play, group work and mentoring
  • Our commitment to deliver what we have promised to deliver
  • A focus on learning & personal development throughout
  • Partnership working, with home visits and attendance at meetings where required and appropriate
  • Safeguarding at the core of our work in conjunction with Somerset Safeguarding Board policies & The Department for Education, Keeping children safe in education document – July 2015
  • Feedback documents for every student session delivered
  • Fully risk assessed, insured and well managed projects with student safety paramount throughout
  • Responsive telephone, email and site visits, in reply to communications and requests of any assistance
  • A quality assurance visit / review upon request
  • A quick, fair and open response to any complaints or issues raised
  • Time together to reflect and evaluate the outcomes, evidence of impact and value for money of the service given.

Students can expect:

  • Committed youth workers that are reliable, caring and that listen
  • Learning at the core of their time with REACH
  • Great opportunities to experience a multitude of different activities and experiences that will challenge and exhilarate
  • A safe environment to meet other students and make new friends
  • Hot breakfast and lunch and opportunities to cook throughout
  • Time to explore other provisions, find work experience, seek further education and employment opportunities and other support services
  • Fun and laughter – childhood times to build good memories
  • To learn about themselves, their feelings, opinions and outlooks – take part in discussions, debates and challenges together
  • To receive help, where needed, to keep everyone safe & healthy
  • Opportunity to reflect, measure, evaluate and record their own learning
  • To have time to feedback their experience of REACH.

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Duty Mobile: 07966 281959


PO Box 37
Martock, Somerset, TA12 6WN
(This is the office address and not our student base address or address for any transport.)

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