May 2019 updates:

I just wanted to outline some updates for your information. Please feel free to come back to me on anything. Best wishes for the new academic year.

We just wanted to provide an update of a few developments here at REACH;

Contacting us:
Day to day duty calls (reference current students and general operations) all to 07966 281959 as before. The main email of [email protected] is also managed by Duty. Duty is staffed by Kirk Brownhill (Senior Worker & Deputy DSL) or Dan Palmer (Director & DSL). Please ensure all student information & updates continue to go to this desk including any student absences. The duty desk will continue to notify schools of any absences of students by 10.30am or safeguarding related matters direct to your DSL.

Steve Issacc (Senior Youth Worker & Deputy DSL) is responsible for attending multi agency meetings and reviewing all allocated students placed with us. Steve can be contacted on 07588 290478 or [email protected]

Zara Coulson (Senior Youth Worker and Deputy DSL) is responsible for managing all new referrals, all endings and also leads on our work with families. Zara can be contacted on 07450 980807 or [email protected]

All new referrals to go through the website www.reachyouth.co.uk – Using the top right hand button on main page. These will go direct to Dan who will email receipt of any new referral and then arrange for Zara to come out and visit you.

Please feel free to contact me direct on 07906 321972 for any other matters including staffing, issues, strategic matters or should you wish for me to come and visit you in school. My email is [email protected]

Allocated Youth Workers are contactable via email. Staff are not permitted to use phones (except internally) when out with groups during the day. They will pick up emails after we close at 3pm.

All finance matters to Lucy Roberts via [email protected]


We now have (as above) 3 deputy DSL’s in addition to myself as DSL. We know that our strong safeguarding work needs to continue to be a priority for everyone in both pro-active and re-active work ways. All of our students are internally scored using the Signs Of Safety model. All students scored at 3 or less are reviewed every Friday afternoon, to ensure the safeguarding team have actioned everything that should have happened and time for reflections. As part of this meeting, we review all non-attendances of students to explore whether we can complete any additional actions to address and prevent further non-attendance.


International trip – Thailand
Our student group have been working really hard to fund raise towards this summers adventure. Our team will keep the allocated schools up to date on the progress prior to the August trip to Phuket.


Students ending
Any students in Yr 11 who are ending with us will be offered some voluntary support over the summer which they will have the choice to engage in. This is to prevent anyone becoming NEET and ensure they are best supported to next destinations.


Family contact and input:
We have tiered our input to 3 levels to ensure better clarity:
Level 1 – All families of students at REACH will receive contact upon being referred, with then some regular updates from the front line allocated staff and the duty desk. This input will count for all 3 levels.
Level 2 – Where we will in discussion with the school, agree for a short input from Zara, to address a particular matter within the family and work for 4-5 family sessions to make change. The to move to level 1 or 3
Level 3 – Where we deem there is a required external input, we will in discussion with the school, either individually or jointly refer for external support for a family (Threshold dependant on whether consent required)

This will hopefully allow us to be clear about expectations of our roles with our contact and any family input. The agreed level is made by the DSL team although all REACH staff are able to put forward for a family to have a level 2 or 3 input.


Quality assurance and site visits:
We welcome all schools to come in regularly to meet with us. We will continue to roll a programme of drop in’s at our base, our cottage or at our newly opening workshop in Somerton. We really value the shared discussions, ideas, quality assurance and safeguarding checks. Please contact Dan direct should you wish to visit anytime outside of the planned drop-ins.


Skill building / learning and fun:
As always, all of our input is balanced to give a balance of learning, support and fun. We have a really exciting range of opportunities to engage our students and environments to support conversation, safety and engagement. If you need any more information on top of the weekly reports for your student then please make contact. Staff write half termly schedules of work for each group which focusses on current needs / transferable skill building and reflective practices for our team to asses progress. We are happy to share in more detail examples of this including our personal attainment objectives.


Term ahead:
Thank you again for all of the ongoing valued partnerships. We have worked extremely hard behind the scenes over the past year to ensure we have a really strong and sustainable provision in the County. We have invested lots in our team and hope they can continue to serve the very best service to our students, families and schools.

With very wishes for the remainder of the term.




September 2018 updates:

I just wanted to outline some updates for your information. Please feel free to come back to me on anything. Best wishes for the new academic year.

Day to day learning and development
We are back open from the 3rd September for all of our provision. Our focus remains as before to build skills. We will continue to use the outdoors for a large part of our engagement and for our life skills programmes. Fresh food, travel, exploration, time to talk & reflect and to focus on wellbeing, learning and growth remain the core of every session.

Keeping Children Safe in education (Revised guidance for September 2018).
This has been studied and we have implemented the required updates. As part of this, we now have a full time DSL / duty role with 2 additional deputy DSL’s who will also work as the links to schools and attend multi agency & safeguarding meetings / CLA reviews.

Transition and Yr 12
We are committed to voluntarily supporting students who have left REACH in Yr 12 and ensuring they have a fall back for support at any time. We have kept in contact (and visited) many over the summer and really hope we can ensure that none result in being NEET. We will continue this commitment as required.

The pilot based at West Hatch is now complete and provision is being extended to offer KS2 placements from the site as part of small group provision. This is based around woodlands and animals and led by a dedicated team from REACH who are committed to working closely with schools to ensure all placements are joined up and offering the best possible provision. We will keep consulting schools and services on this area to review as it develops.

We are about to run a consultation on the needs of any young people who may benefit from a specialist targeted provision day supporting LGBTQ school students. We will run our consultation with schools, students, services and 2BU.

Cottage & Workshop
The cottage has proved a great successes as a tool to teaching students how to run a home! We are writing further packages to develop this work. The cottage is proving popular with groups for group work and activity plus relaxation. We have now secured a workshop in Somerton which will focus on teaching about employment and business. This will eventually include an outlet where students can practice working and serving. A bike repair and small building skills area is being developed, also a conference and student study area for students to meet employers, complete CV,s, practice interviews etc.

General placements
Placements continue to be available for one to one and group settings. Referrals can be made through the website. £125 per student per day for all provision. Group packages and discounts are available again for another year, including bolt on transport options. We have extended the availability of our girls provision based on the requests being made.

International opportunity
We have formed a partnership with the British International School in Phuket, to enable a group of REACH students to travel to Thailand in the summer of 2019. Teachers from the school will be hosting our students and staff for a hugely exciting opportunity. This project will run outside of school hours and will offer 8 students an opportunity to plan, fund raise, organise and experience something together with elements of helping others as part of the visit. We are very grateful to the school for this.

April 2018 updates:

Preparations commence for 3 new projects:

Mountain bike project at the cottage – opportunity for groups to repair and transform some bikes to give out to others in need

DofE recruitment launch – internally for students to join a new project in September

International project recruitment – internal students opportunity to join a 1yr project for visit to an international school in Phucket.

Feb 2018 updates:
Restructure update
We have now completed our company restructure. The registered details are at the bottom of the email. As part of our ongoing work, we are grateful to have the continued support of Julie Ridge towards our partnerships, along with our local MP, David Warburton. We have updated our 3yr business plan, all of which we are really excited about, both in terms of current work and the new opportunities that are in development.

Reports / Systems
We are near to completion of our electronic systems upgrade. I would like to apologise of the delay in getting student reports out to schools. The new system will launch over half term and I will make direct contact with individual schools to detail the log in process for our new website / reports portal. This system will transform our reporting system and also enable schools to easily access Policies / Risk assessments but also permit referrals to be made online. It will also allow our team to move to operating as (nearly!) paperless, with some technical safety systems in place that aid the support of working out on the roads and in the community.

Breakfast chefs!
A reminder of our Monday morning slots for any school / agency visitor to come in and spend time with the team / share making breakfast with our students. Please email me should you wish to book in a slot. This has been greatly received by all parties on the sessions taken last term.

Premises updates
We are nearly ready to trial a second REACH base. We have sourced a lovely cottage, in 20acres, which we will use for our current students, as a complement to our South Petherton base. This site will allow access for all groups and offer some great life skill opportunities / outdoor activities. All transport is to remain direct to our current site in South Petherton.

KS2 developments
We are working hard to launch our KS2 pilot from after Easter. More information will follow on this after half term. We have secured new premises for this and are working to create a package to offer our Primary partners. We really want to be able to best support the needs of this age group, in a really creative way, developing strong partnerships  to build student skills and help keep students within the education setting.

Therapy dogs
Two of our staff team members dogs, are about to complete a dog therapy course! This will allow us to use them as therapy dogs within our provision. We really want to build on this as part of the support and approaches that we can give to our students here and will update after course completion.

Parent / Carer consent forms
New Parent / Carer consent forms are due out. We will email these out to you all for completion over half term and request completed returns to be back in as soon as possible (ideally a 2 week turnaround).

We are working hard to complete some group packages that will enable our students to work on projects.  These packages will complement our activity portfolio and will give a focus for groups who want to work away at something really relevant and purposeful for a half term / term. Some of the themes currently being worked on include a motor based project, a life skills project, an international trip project (2019), forest school type project and a travel and transport project. More will follow on these in the newsletter.

Once again, we really want to show our appreciation for our ongoing relationships with all our partners. We will always make time for visitors to REACH and very much hope you can visit soon. In the meantime, we are always happy to come out and talk to your staff teams about the work that we deliver / generally outlining Alternative Education in Somerset. We really want to help ensure we break down any barriers and myths that exist to ensure that the skill development work is never seen as a reward and that REACH / other alternative provision is seen as part of the core offer to students that are allocated to us all. We really want to continue to move away from our activities being seen as reward and I would be more than happy to give time to detail our methods / core offer to ensure we all get the best from the resources being made available.


January 2013 – Young people and staff raise over £600 for the YMCA Youth Homeless Team by sleeping rough overnight in Yeovil. Young people also donate to the Lords Larder in South Somerset and The British Red Cross shop in Crewkerne.

February 2013 – REACH awarded the successful contract to run Youth Work delivery in South Petherton for another year.


25 October 2012 – REACH staff propose to take part in the YMCA Sleep Easy event in Yeovil with the aim of sleeping rough for the night to help stop young people having to. View the poster and the sponsor form.

2 April 2012New Partnership for Youth Centre


14 July 2011Students Have A Go At Independent Living

12 November 2011Ghana International Project

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