Alternative Education Provision (Established 2009)

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REACH is one of Somerset's leading providers of alternative education placements. Our professional and long-standing team are able to respond to needs by delivering one-to-one and small group provision.

We currently provide provision for over 80 students across the area and have built an excellent reputation for successful placements through partnership working.

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OFSTED Feedback

Quote taken from South Somerset Partnership School OFSTED Report October 2014:

"REACH, ensures excellent one to one and small group work that helps significantly improve social and emotional development for those who need it"


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"With REACH I can make mistakes and feel ok about it.
I can be myself and staff do not make me feel bad for being my way.
But what's important is that if i fall, the staff at REACH will catch me."

  Nurture student – May 2015

REACH is a trading name of REACH Alternative Education SW Ltd. Company Number 11032008